Simranjit Singh

Before cycling together, Simranjit Singh was working in Nairobi as a Giani and Ragi in Gurudwara Sahib Singh Sabha, one of the first Sikh temples, established in Africa.
He is teacher of Gurbani and Gurmukhi. So when I stayed in Nairobi, he arranged daily classes for me. When I continued cycling from Nairobi around Africa, we continued the lessons online. After some time he decided to travel with me on bicycle together to Southafrica. On our Africa tour  from December 2022 to July 2023 we explored interesting places, African culture and learned more about how the Sikh communities are living and merging in foreign culture in the diffrent countries. He was also working as my tutor for Panjabi Language, Gurmukhi, Gurmat Sangeet. So now I can do my Nitnem in Gurmukhi and play Shabads with my Ukulele.