The topic of climate protection has reached the heart of society. With my second bike tour, I would like to continue the successful concept of my project and not only experience an exciting adventure in the breathtaking areas of our beautiful earth, but also give a small contribution to the positive social development. 

Das Thema Klimaschutz ist in der Mitte der Gesellschaft angekommen. Ich möchte mit meiner zweiten Bike Tour das erfolgreiche Konzept meines Projektes fortsetzen und nicht nur ein aufregendes Abenteuer in den atemberaubenden Gegenden unser schönen Erde erleben, sondern auch einen kleinen Beitrag zur positiven gesellschaftlichen Entwicklung leisten.


My first bike tour was a solo bike tour around the world, where I cycled 41,250 km through 31 countries for 3 years. On my journey I have experienced and survived many things. I cycled over high mountains, through dense jungles, deserts and icy snow, had a lot of wind from all directions, interesting encounters and also some dangerous situations. At night I slept in my tent in the deep woods or light bushes of this world and every day brought new surprises. All I needed was curiosity about the world, my project and my bike. 

Meine erste Radreise war eine Solo Bike Tour um die Erde, bei der ich 3 Jahre 41.250 km durch 31 Länder gefahren bin. Auf meiner Reise habe ich viele Dinge erlebt und überlebt. Ich bin über hohe Berge, durch dichte Dschungel, Wüsten und eisigen Schnee gefahren, hatte viel Wind von allen Seiten, interessante Begegnungen und auch ein paar gefährliche Situationen. Nachts habe ich in meinem Zelt in den tiefen Wäldern oder lichten Gebüschen dieser Welt geschlafen und jeder Tag brachte neue Überraschungen. Alles was ich dazu brauchte war die Neugier auf die Welt, mein Projekt und mein Fahrrad.

The answer of everything is 42.. haha OK. So this is Singapore. Country nr. 42 on my bicycle tour around the world.

Malaysia has beautiful places countryside, far from the mainroads.

Even the schoolgirls using their scootries.

Selfie queens in Indonesia are always on their motocycles.. haha

When I crossed by this elephant, he gave me a proper announcement to dissappear from his terretory.  Hurr

There are lots of Elephants on the road in Botswana, while the lions are sitting roadside in the long yellow gras, waiting for their breakfast.

In Zimbabwe you will see the second part of the Victoria Falls.

The Victoria Falls in Zambia are really impressive

Find the Giraffe!! I love this pic from the road in Kenya.

If you dont have this pic from Equator in Uganda, you was not in Africa.. haha

Tanzania is great. The area around Kilimanjaro has lot of green mountains.

Kenya is really beautiful. 

Beautiful sleepingplace in Greece.

Sleepingplace in the bush in Hungary. Its already a bit cold.

Mountain Area around Granada.

Happy Lhori from Spain.

Camino de Santiago

Eurovelo 1 in France

Second tour, same place.. haha

Somewhere in France

At the Rhin River in Germany.

In the desert area of the Baja California / Mexico.

Lot of super beautiful sleeping places in Mexico.

Outdoor cooking at the Baja California.

Only for short time in Malibu. It´s soooooo expensive.. haha It´s not possible to buy enough food.

Long stretches for cycling at the beach of California.

Beautiful Bihar in India

Holy bath in Ganga, India. You can clean your soul, if you are doing the bath correctly.

The trucks are really beautiful and dangerous in Nepal. Mostly there is no space for cyclist in the Himalaya.  Can you see my bike?

Countryside Nepal. I think I cannot clean my body in this muddy river.

Countryside Rajastan on the way to the desert.

Meeting with the big Turban man. He is a saint and his turban weights 80kg.

Happy Holi Festival in India.

The Nihang are the Sikh horsemen, who have developed their sprirituality to a high level.

Sleeping at the petrol pump.

Sharing the fire at a very cold morning in the North of India.

This is my India. 4 people on 1 motorcycle, a camel transport and my bike.

It´s really soooo beautiful in Myanmar.

Street dance in Myanmar

Street food in Myanmar.

Homebase in Thailand, when I have to wait for my bike repair from Bok bok bike, best bike shop in Asia.

Modern people in China. People go at night with torches in the sea.

Street food in China.

Fisher boats in Vietnam.

Face of monsoon in Vietnam.

In the mountains from Laos.

Mekong River. 

Gate of death in Angkor, at the Angkor Wat Complex in Cambodia. Incredibly beautiful.

The water Festival in Thailand is really funny.

The temple kids in Thailand are sooo cute.

Countryside Thailand.

Lot of street art in Malaysia.

Jackfruit in Malaysia. The most bad smelling fruit on earth.

Sleeping place in India.

Entrance to the Langar hall, where the Sikh people give vegetarian food for free to everybody. Waheguru.

Golden Tempel Amritsar. Home of Sikh. Waheguru.

In the Hands of the Military Police in Pakistan.

In the sandy mountains of Iran. Still ice-cold.

In the ice cold mountains of Armenia.

Armenia in November. It´s really cold and beautiful.

Sleeping place under the road at minus 8 degrees.

In the mountains of Georgia.

My new family in Turkey. Grandma teaches me how to call Allah. 

In the mountains of Turkey.

2 seconds after this shot, 2 deers jumping out of the bush.

Land of sunflowers, Bulgaria.

Sleeping place in Romania.

Farmer in Romania.

Vegan restaurant in Serbia.

Shelter at a thunderstorm in Hungary.

Houseboats in Slovakye.

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Hasendorf in Austria.

My new friend in Slovenia.

Modern people in Slovenia.

Silent sleeping place in Italy.

Atlantic Ocean in Portugal.

Church of silence in Spain, on the Camino de Santiago.

Wonderful sleeping place in Spain.

In the mountains of Spain.

Suddenly in a race.

Paris, La Tour Eiffel.

Netherlands is full of windmills.

My first night on the road I sleep behind a graveyard in the north of Germany.

Start of my solo bike trip VEGAN WORLD FRIENDSHIP TOUR at March 21, 2015.